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Darren Cooper


F.A. Level 1.







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Boys & Girls






  U-9s Division One 


Matches played at

Alleynes School, Stone.




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2007-08 Season League Table >>>
Date Opponents Comp


Result Scorers Player of the Week\Match
Sep 23 Berkswich Friendly   L 0-1   Hannah Kiddle
23 Penkridge Juniors Friendly   W 1-0 O.Ford  
Oct 14 Longton Bulls Shield H W 8-2 O.Ford J.Thorley A.Wood J.Green(4) O.G. Jack Green
14 Stafford Juniors Shield A L 1-2 S.Chilvers  
28 Wheaton Aston Juniors Shield A W 4-1 S.Chilvers J.Green W.Hepburn Sam Chilvers
28 Topps 2000 Shield A L 3-4 J.Green(2) S.Chilvers  
Nov 4 Stonefield Warriors League A W 4-0 S.Chilvers O.Smith J.Green O.Ford Jordan Hibberd
4 Wheaton Aston Juniors League A D 0-0    
25 Eccleshall Eagles League H W 2-1 H.Cooper J.Green James Thorley
25 Hawkins Sports League H W 2-1 J.Green(2)  
Jan 6 Hawkins Sports Shield A W 3-2 S.Chilvers(2) O.G. Sam Chilvers
6 Longton Bulls Shield A L 1-3   Kyle Backhouse
27 Eccleshall Eagles Shield A D 1-1 O.G. Hannah Kiddle
27 Stafford Juniors Shield H L 2-6 J.Green S.Chilvers Jordan Hibberd
Feb 3 Longton Bulls League H W 3-0 J.Green S.Chilvers Oliver Smith
3 Penkridge Juniors League A W 4-0 S.Chilvers(3) O.Ford Sam Chilvers
24 Topps 2000 Shield H L 1-2 S.Chilvers Marcus Bloor
24 Wheaton Aston Juniors Shield H W 4-1 S.Chilvers(2) H.Cooper J.Green Harry Cooper
Mar 2 Stonefield Warriors League H W 6-0 S.Chilvers(2) H.Cooper J.Green O.Ford M.Bloor Oliver Ford
2 Longton Bulls League A W 2-1 J.Green S.Chilvers Oliver Smith
9 Penkridge Juniors League H W 2-0 J.Thorley(2) James Thorley
9 Hawkins Sports League A W 3-0 O.Smith(2) S.Chilvers Oliver Smith
Apr 13 Eccleshall Eagles League H L 1-2    
13 Hawkins Sports League H L 1-3    
27 Stonefield Warriors League A W 3-1 S.Chilvers J.Green(2) Hannah Kiddle
27 Wheaton Aston Juniors League A W 5-0 S.Chilvers O.Ford O.Smith(3) Oliver Smith
30 Eccleshall Eagles League A L 1-4 S.Chilvers(pen) Harry Cooper
30 Longton Bulls League H W 2-0 O.Smith S.Chilvers Kyle Backhouse
May 4 Longton Bulls League H W 6-1 S.Chilvers(2) W.Hepburn(2) J.Hibberd H.Cooper Kyle Backhouse
4 Penkridge Juniors League H L 2-3 S.Chilvers(2) James Thorley
11 Wheaton Aston Juniors League H D 1-1 J.Green  

Shield - Rydal Division One Shield.