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  2007-08 Season       League Table >>>
Date Opponents Comp


Result Scorers Player of the Week
Oct 14 Blythe Bridge Juniors League A W 3-0 D.Clayton L.Wootton J.Duckworth Laurence Wootton
14 Topps 2000 Red League H D 1-1 C.McLaughlin  
Nov 4 Stafford Town League A W 3-0 L.Wootton(2) C.McLaughlin Corey McLaughlin
4 Berkswich League H W 6-0 L.Wootton(2) C.McLaughlin(2) J.Berry(2)  
18 Eccleshall Eagles Yellow League H D 1-1 C.McLaughlin Harley Turner
18 Rocester Elkes Eagles Red League A W 1-0 J.Berry  
25 Blythe Bridge League H W 2-0 L.Wootton(2) Gabriel Wilde
25 Topps 2000 Red League A W 5-1 C.McLaughlin(3) L.Wootton J.Duckworth  
Dec 29 Derby Christmas Tournament N/A A Report    
Jan 6 Eccleshall Eagles Navy League H W 1-0 C.McLaughlin Jonathan Duckworth
6 Stafford Town Panthers League A W 3-0 J.Duckworth(2) C.McLaughlin  
13 Rocester Elkes Eagles Red Cup H W 2-0 D.Clayton C.McLaughlin Joshua Berry
13 Berkswich Cup A W 3-0 C.McLaughlin J.Berry J.Duckworth  
Feb 3 Stafford Soccer School League A W 1-0 L.Wootton Harley Turner
3 Topps 2000 League A D 0-0    
Mar 2 Eccleshall Eagles Yellow League A W 1-0 J.Duckworth Morgan Harrison
2 Rocester Elkes Eagles Red League H W 2-1 C.McLaughlin(2)  
9 Berkswich League A W 1-0   Ed Farnley
9 Stafford Town League H W 3-0    
Apr 13 Stafford Soccer School League H W 2-0 C.McLaughlin(2) Joshua Berry
20 Eccleshall Eagles Navy League A W 5-0 L.Wootton(2) C.McLaughlin(2) D.Clayton Harley Turner
20 Stafford Town Panthers League H W 3-2 C.McLaughlin(3)  
May 4 Topps 2000 League H